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Sarah’s Silks inspires the imagination of children around the world, through open-ended toys made from natural, earth friendly materials.

Meet Sarah

With a vibrance and enthusiasm for life, Sarah is like summer. That moment after warm rain, when the sky takes on a glow and you suddenly sense there might be a rainbow. She is a woman who spends her day surrounded by and making a full spectrum of color, with hope that families will receive the blessing of rainbow play.

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Sarah’s Silks Kids Costumes, Dress up Clothing and Children's Toys Have Inspired Imaginative Play for Over 29 Years!

Drawing from the philosophies of Waldorf education and her own childhood of imaginative play, Sarah has been designing Playsilks and other natural, eco-friendly wooden and silk toys for over 29 years.

The selection available at Sarah's Silks include colorful Playsilks, which come in Solid, Enchanted, Earth-tone and many other palettes, Dress-up Playsilks, like Fairy Wings and princess costumes, and Playsilks for babies. We also offer simple Wooden Toys that can be combined with Playsilks for even greater imaginative reach. View all of the wooden and silk toys and other fantastic handmade products Sarah's Silks has to offer today. 

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